Bandirma Wind Power Plant Project

Bezirci, Balikesir



Technical details

The project activity is developed as a Gold Standard VER project. The wind farm includes a total of 20 VESTAS V 90 turbines at an installed capacity of 3 MW each, 60 MW in total. Technical feasibility, namely wind speed measurements and power output estimations site condition analysis was done between April 2007 and October 2008. Predicted mean wind speed is 8.6 m/sec, which qualifies the site as suitable for the erection and operation of a wind park. The expected power generation for 60 MW installed capacity is 10.4 GWh/a for each turbine or 207.8 GWh/a (gross) for the entire wind park. Net power generation is expected to be 182.7 GWh/a. The wind park results in reducing CO2 emissions.

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