Greater New Bedford LFG Utilization Project

New Bedford, Massachusetts

United States

Landfill Gas Capture

Technical details

This project utilizes the decomposition process in landfills to capture the methane emissions being produced, thereby preventing them from entering the atmosphere.

The Crapo Hill landfill is owned and operated by the Greater New Bedford Regional Refuse Management District (the District) and, as permitted by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP), consists of 69.8 acres of a 152-acre parcel of land located in the Town of Dartmouth, Massachusetts. The landfill began receiving municipal solid waste and construction and demolition debris in 1995 and currently encompasses approximately 30 acres of the 69.8 permitted acres. The landfill does not fall under the Federal New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) regulation or other local, state, or federal regulations requiring the collection of the landfill gas.

Cloverly buys offsets that meet accepted standards for being real, measurable, verifiable, permanent, and additional. "Additional" means that the carbon savings would not have happened without the offset project and that the project would not have happened unless it got certified to sell carbon offsets. Verra oversees verification of the New Bedford project. You can find verification documents at

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