Merom Farms

Abbotsford, British Columbia



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Merom Farms is a large commercial greenhouse operation in the lower mainland of BC, near the town of Abbotsford that consists of 36 acres of covered greenhouse area. The operation currently produces roughly 11 million pounds of bell peppers per year and ships to grocery stores in Canada and the United States. Since the farm operates year-round in a cold climate, there is a significant heating demand that was initially met with boilers that burned natural gas. Due to the high cost associated with burning natural gas and the environmental impact, Merom investigated the use of biomass for heat. They found local suppliers of waste wood sourced from various industrial uses that would have otherwise been stored indefinitely. Merom converted their boilers to use waste biomass for their operations, reducing greenhouse gases through the displacement of fossil fuels from burning biomass as well as reducing landfill feedstock.

Merom Farms meets U.N. SDG goals 2, 9, 12 and 13.

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