University of Wisconsin Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Project

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

United States

Energy Efficiency

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The University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (UWM) reduced its Scope 1 emissions by a yearly average of 11.79%. These reductions were driven by an aggressive campus-wide program focused on improving campus space and service, piloting innovative technology, and reducing energy consumption. Energy conservation measures included lighting retrofits, occupancy-based heating, and cooling load improvements. UWM also incorporated behavior change initiatives among students and staff and developed an on-site solar PV system. The University used previous carbon revenue to create an account specifically for energy conservation, which rolls over annually. With this fund, UWM is investing in additional building retrofits and indoor LED lighting. UWM also continues partnering with other industry leaders on clean energy research.

This project meets Sustainable Development Goals 4, 7, 9, 11, and 13.

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